Turn To Mr. Glass & Mirror For Shower Door Installation in Houston, TX


With over 15 years of experience in the Houston area, Mr. Glass & Mirror has been installing custom shower doors & custom mirrors and doing re-glazes in a very successful and safe manner.

Services we offer

  • Custom Shower Doors (Frameless & Framed)

  • Custom Mirrors

  • Window Replacement

  • Solar Screens

  • Glass Repair

What sets us apart


  • BBB Gold Star award recipient for many years

  • 100% Lifetime warranty on shower guard

  • Competitive pricing

  • Great selection of products and services

  • Outstanding service

  • Handle both residential & commercial projects

  • Quality workmanship

  • Timely installation

  • Multiple framing material options

  • Free measurements of the frames

Why trust our team​


  • Experienced, professional staff

  • Great reputation in the market

  • Understand & realize customer goals

  • Detailed design suggestions

  • Cost-effective options

  • Work with a variety of different glass surfaces -

    • Beveled bedroom mirrors

    • Tinted shower enclosures

    • Patio door glass replacement

    • Commercial tempered safety glass

Locations we serve


  • Houston, TX

  • Spring, TX

  • Tomball, TX

If you are looking for a local, knowledgeable glass replacement company, call us at 281-227-9932 today.